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Sex addiction treatment and porn addiction counseling, psychotherapy for trauma, relationship issues, and infidelity in Ventura, Pasadena, and Oxnard.
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About Jeremy



Greetings! I am a licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT 90961) and am passionate about helping clients find freedom from overwhelming feelings and new ways of being in relationships.


I studied theology and biblical studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, graduating in 2008 with a Master of Divinity. Intending to advance in academia, I was eager to invest in the lives of students and participate in enriching relationships in higher education. Upon completing my MDiv, I discovered that my true passion was journeying with others through the transformative process of therapy. Two years later, I returned to the seminary to pursue a degree in psychology. In 2012, I graduated with a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, committed to integrating spirituality and psychology.


I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families on affair recovery, sex and pornography addiction, relationship concerns, pre-marital counseling, depression, anxiety, faith and spirituality, and trauma. I strive to provide a safe, comfortable environment in which you can be yourself while exploring feelings and relationships in order to heal, grow, and achieve your goals in therapy. 


camft-logoI am a current member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association. My other qualifications include:

  • Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT®), which is quickly becoming the field’s standard for all therapists working with individuals who suffer from addictive and compulsive sexual behaviors
  • Trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Densensitization and Reprocessing), a proven treatment for trauma and other psychological disorders
  • Certification in PREPARE/ENRICH, a program that provides feedback to couples regarding their strengths and areas of potential growth
  • Training in restoration therapy for individuals, couples, and families with Dr. Terry Hargrave of Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Training with Dr. Barry McCarthy in extramarital affair treatment and prevention
  • Completion of the two-year Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program at the Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis in Los Angeles


I serve the communities of Pasadena, Sierra Madre, Monrovia, Arcadia, and Duarte and would love to be in conversation with you. Please find me on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. For more information, please visit my profile on Sync Counseling Center’s website.