About Jeremy


Hi, I’m Jeremy, a licensed marriage and family therapist practicing in Ventura and Pasadena. I love connecting with people, which is why I’m so glad you’re here. Connection—especially in the relationship between a therapist and the client—is powerful, and for that reason, I believe that therapy can be life-changing.


Let’s face it, though—starting therapy can make anyone anxious and afraid. After all, it’s no small feat to step into a stranger’s office and talk about that which you haven’t shared with anyone else: your private struggles, your feelings of shame and loneliness, how much you’re hurting, or that your life has been turned upside down and you aren’t sure what to do. Talking about that with anybody—much less a therapist you just met—would leave most people feeling vulnerable. You’re thinking about trying out therapy in the hopes of feeling better, of talking with someone safe who understands what you’re going through.


I get it. Your fears, your uncertainty, your hope that someone can help—it all makes sense to me. If you’re reading this, chances are that your world has been falling apart because of secret sexual behaviors or an addiction that maybe you’re just learning about. While I could rattle off the training, experience, and qualifications that make me uniquely suited to help you (feel free to ask), you probably care more about getting the right guidance and support.


A clear path forward, a plan to stop the behaviors you’re so ashamed about, a way out of your hurt and pain—that’s what you’re really needing right now. I believe that the way forward is together. You can do so much more when you’re connected to someone who understands what you’re going through. Someone who’s not out to judge or shame you. Someone who can hold your hurt with the compassion you deserve. Someone who can help you reconnect to the real you and help you feel like yourself again.


At Awakenings, I have a passion to help those touched by addiction to transform their lives. I help those struggling with out-of-control sexual behaviors and substance use to get to the root of their addiction and take control of their emotional lives, and I help their partners not just survive, but thrive. If you’d like to learn more, please contact me at (805) 256-3497 or jmast@awakeningsrelationalcounseling.com.